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Lost Boy Found In Whole Foods

3 female, 3 male
Winner of the The American Theatre Critics Association's 2012 Francesca Primus Prize.
In the early 90's in Sudan after civil war destroyed their villages, an exodus of boys trekked eight hundred miles across Africa before making it to refugee camps in Kenya where they lived on a bowl of grain a day for ten years. In 2001, the U.S. resettled 3,600 of these "Lost Boys" in cities across America. LOST BOY FOUND IN WHOLE FOODS tells the story of Christine, a middle-aged, middle class white woman who meets Gabriel, a former "Lost Boy" working in the produce section of Whole Foods in Pittsburgh. Moved by the story of the trauma he survived as a child, she invites him to live with her and her teenage daughter. The play explores what can happen when we open up ourselves to help another human being.





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